office furniture

Office sofa

Office furniture includes all decoration products and office parts that are used in office spaces. Types of office furniture can be divided into office chairs, sofas, office desks, office warehouses and office accessories. Office chairs are divided into management, employee-expert, operator, conference, counter, laboratory and waiting chairs in terms of usability, quality, ergonomics, price and adjustment tools. The main feature of managerial, employee-expert and operator chairs is their wheelchairs, which distinguishes them from other types of office chairs.

office chair

Office chair is one of the requirements of every office that has been constantly changing and evolving since the pervasiveness of this type of office. One of the characteristics that is emphasized in choosing an office chair is the medical nature of the chair. Medical office chair is a chair that is designed according to the principles that guarantee the health of the human body and to put the least pressure and damage on the human body during long hours without interruption in offices.

An office chair should convey a sense of comfort to the person sitting on it for hours. But comfort is only one dimension. Compatibility of the seat structure with ergonomic principles will help you feel comfortable while not harming your health.

Office desk

Office desk is used in work spaces and offices. Office desk is one of the main tools of the workplace, which has a great impact on the order of work and organization of documents and files. How the office desk is directly related to the health of the person or people who use it and if you follow the standards of the office desk Failure to do so can cause serious harm to people.

Training chair

Proper design of tables and chairs in accordance with the physical characteristics of users to create the correct sitting habits and get the right physical condition is of particular importance. Unfortunately, most of the desks and benches currently used in Iranian schools are not designed to fit the physical dimensions of Iranian students.The use of devices designed for other students is disproportionate and unprincipled due to the significant differences that exist between the physical characteristics of different races.

Seat amphitheater

Amphitheater chairs have several features, and these types of chairs are made only by the manufacturers of these types of chairs for amphitheaters, theaters and movie theaters. Amphitheater chairs often have to be made of high-density cold-injected foam for the back and floor of the chair and used with a high-quality fabric. The quality of these materials has a direct effect on the comfort and durability of the chairs. These chairs are under a lot of pressure due to repeated use; Therefore, their comfort and strength should not be reduced. The quality foams used in the chairs do not indent over time and lose their seating shape.Also, the heavy profiles used in the amphitheater chair make the chair resistant.